Leaders don’t flock. You have to find them one at a time.

Who We Are

This is my vision – I seek to first understand and then to add value.

The bottom line is that when companies are investing in hiring top talent, they expect their candidates to be just that. I’ve made finding talented people my business and making that perfect match energies me. Allabout Research was founded on the principle that there was absolutely a better way to conduct executive search and I have made it my mission that my company lives and breathes that better way. We are all about identifying talent!

My background is consulting – in business management, efficiencies, people and marketing. I am not a “me too” kind of person and we are definitely not that kind of executive search company. Allabout Research represents the collective skills and talents of many varied professionals within the industry. We promote it, reward it and in everything that we do, we strive for personal excellence.
Our collective integrity or the steadfast belief that we have in the value of the greater good means that we do not compromise on the quality of our work.

Allabout Research employs people both full time and on fixed term assignments and we have a wide and extensive network, locally and abroad. Our client facing staff of Researchers and Client Consultants are all accomplished professionals and we work as a cohesive team. Make no mistake though, I personally take responsibility for everything done at Allabout Research and I am one hundred percent accountable to clients, candidates and staff for the treatment and service that they receive.

I am proud of my colleagues, of what we have achieved and what they have helped create around me.

I am a painter of ideas and a challenger of convention. Contact me and we can discuss how Allabout Research can be of service.

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