Our Client Process

  • We undertake a detailed client briefing, taking the time to understand everything about our clients requirements by asking the right questions. Our philosophy is that every search is unique so, as a result, we insist on taking a full and comprehensive briefing at the outset of every assignment, no matter how familiar we are with the client or the role. While there are often similarities, no two organisations or role requirements are the same. We work on an exclusive basis only meaning that for whatever time frame we are given, no other search firm will be working on the same assignment. To do otherwise complicates the search by muddying the waters, has ambiguous results for the client and detracts from our skills as professional business talent consultants.
  • Our searches are targeted at senior level candidates only typically attracting a salary of not less than ZAR one million or those with exceptionally specific skills close to that salary level.
  • We provide a shortlist for our clients by identifying appropriate candidates through our market intelligence process. Our candidates can be characterised as “low risk” to clients. We source candidates that are gainfully employed and that have employment histories that evidence stability and success at top companies in their fields.
  • Each potential candidate is approached, qualified and profiled against the client brief to produce a shortlist of high calibre candidates. Our clients receive a detailed candidate report for each candidate that is shortlisted.
  • Key to the success of every assignment is a process of continuous communication. Our clients, have access to a protected online resource which they can access daily as necessary allowing them to maintain control over the progress of their assignments.
  • At Allabout Research, we are able to provide our clients with a confidential, and customisable search, locally and internationally. Each search is managed from the top and the highest level of professionalism and integrity is guaranteed ensuring that above all, reputations are not compromised.
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