Our Billing Process

  • Allabout Research works on an exclusive, retained basis and charges a flat-fee for each assignment which is agreed upon, at the commencement of the research project. Our fees are not tied to candidate remuneration packages as we believe in objectively assessing appropriate candidates.
  • There are no other billable costs or charges by us to our client unless agreed on from the start.
  • Our fees and guarantee policies are designed to ensure that we make long-lasting placements, benefitting both our clients as well as our candidates.
  • Allabout Research does not charge retainers for commencement of research projects as we believe that retainers limit client choices and slow down processes at a point when timing is key. We work on a tranche payment structure where payment is due only upon completion of identifiable project milestones.
  • We work to pre-agreed timescales and guarantee that we will present a high calibre, quality candidate shortlist to our clients within that timescale. We work quickly and tenaciously – maximizing our clients’ advantage is in our best interests.
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