What makes us different?

5 things you need to know.

The Executive Search industry is highly competitive. There are many companies who claim to be the best and who will be able to source the best talent for their clients. So what makes Allabout Research different? Here are 5 things you need to know:

1: We have a track record of solving our client’s executive recruitment challenges- the best talent is always in demand, even in a down market. In an up market, it’s even harder to compete for the best. This challenge is particularly evident in South Africa where a shortage of skills in certain disciplines could last for years or decades to come. We help our clients with the key to driving their business growth- by attracting and retaining better hires for their business. How? By helping them evaluate their expectations, defining their employment needs, communicating their culture and a compelling reason for truly talented candidates to consider the opportunity. Our clients appreciate our objectivity in candidate evaluation and our ability to get them the right hire at the right time- every time.

2: We save our clients time- our clients receives our shortlist of 4 candidates in the majority of searches 30 days from the start of the assignment. Our secret? We can build fresh networks within days of starting the search by utilising tools of the 21st century including the internet and social media. We also ask lots of questions and spend quality time on the phone. People talk to us because we are headhunters, they give us information, they give us referrals and they’ll help us because one day we might be able to help them. Old networks can be dark, damp, musty places that have been visited far too often before. Our clients benefit from the energy, vibrancy and NOWism we bring to assignments. We don’t rely on advertising or other methods in which success is based on chance or luck. We only accept searches with clients when we are convinced that we will be able to deliver what we promise which guarantees our quality of service and efficiency.

3: We save our clients’ money- our clients benefit from our fixed fee model which is set at the start of the search and we do not charge anything beyond this fee. Our clients save money as our fee is not tied to remuneration packages, and we don’t charge retainers. We also have low overheads and use smart practices, savings that we pass back to our clients. That’s not all, we also save our clients the cost associated with a “mis-hire”, that is, having to replace a recruited individual who then leaves. Did you know that a 2006 study by Dr Bradford Smart revealed that the cost to a company of a mis-hire is 40 times base salary for those earning USD $100,000 – $250,000 (ZAR 1,061m – 2m)?

4: Our confidentiality protects your vulnerability- when there is a vacancy within your executive ranks, you become vulnerable. Whether for an existing position needs to be filled, or a new position created, the hiring process must be strictly confidential (sometimes, even internally). Our confidential and discreet approach can keep competitors from being tipped off to management shake-ups, new product or market initiatives, and can protect you from apprehension from your employees, stockholders and suppliers. Our clients appreciate our experience in handling all assignment with professionalism, integrity and above all, ensuring that no reputation is compromised.

5: Our process is completely transparent- we make all our documentation available online to clients 24 hours a day. Through one click of a button, our clients are able to see what progress we have made on their assignment, giving them complete control over the process. Our clients can see who we’ve identified and who we’ve spoken to as well as the feedback we’ve been given. This allows us to give up-to-date market analysis and pre-empt any potential issues that can traditionally slow down or hamper the search process.

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