If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.

How We Work

Allabout Research does not use advertising or any other methods in which success is based on luck. We are research specialists of many years standing and with a clear methodology. Ours is the business of nuances and subtleties, personalities and reputations, and mutually beneficial interests.

Our Client Process

We undertake a detailed client briefing, taking the time to understand everything about our clients requirements by asking the right questions. Our philosophy is that every search is unique so, as a result, we insist on taking a full and comprehensive briefing at the outset of every assignment, no matter how familiar we are with the client or the role ...
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Our Candidate Process

All of our candidates are gainfully employed and most are not actively looking for new employment opportunities. To this end they must be courted and encouraged to explore the client position. Each candidate is interviewed at least twice by two team members. That's how we understand what needs they have in seeking to fulfill a career move. Our process includes ...
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Our Billing Process

Allabout Research works on an exclusive, retained basis and charges a flat-fee for each assignment which is agreed upon, at the commencement of the research project. Our fees are not tied to candidate remuneration packages as we believe in objectively assessing appropriate candidates. There are no other billable costs or charges by us to our client unless agreed on from ...
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